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Terms & Conditions

LILY FLEUR – Terms And Conditions Of Use

Terms Of Use

Thank you for visiting our website. Lilyfleur.gr (hereinafter Website) is a website that provides retail goods and services.

The use of the Website and the purchase of goods from LilyFleur through the Website or via email or by telephone order is subject to the following basic rules that govern its use.

Read carefully the terms of purchase before ordering products from the Website or by any other method.

By placing an order for any of our products or services, you agree to and are bound by these terms and conditions.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use this website.

LilyFleur can revise this agreement at any time. Visit this page often to be informed of its terms and conditions.

Information About Us

Lilyfleur.gr is a website with the distinctive title Lily Fleur and belongs to the private company that has been established in Greece under the name Amalia Klokana (Αμαλία Κλοκανά) based in Corfu at Guilford 65 and Grigoriou Manou 13 with postal code 49100, DOY Kerkyras and Tax Identification Number (ΑΦΜ) 056589335.

To contact us, use our email address info@lilyfleur.gr or call us at +30 2661048300.

LILY FLEUR Copyright

The ownership and management of Lily Fleur belongs exclusively to Amalia Klokana has all property rights.

Retains full ownership of all intellectual and moral rights on the content displayed in the Website, in any form designs, recommendations, creations, the company logo, trademarks, images, works of art, graphics, photographs, text, materials, all content, all presentations, all information, is intellectual and moral property of LILY FLEUR.

You do not have any right to use the contents of the Website for commercial use in any shape or form in any way.

The content of the Website can only be used for personal use only, any public use and presentation is forbidden in any shape or form, the commercial use, reproduction, distortion, display, alteration, distribution, sale, disguise or removal of the distinctive title for any product for any purpose, in any way is also forbidden without the prior written permission from us.

Permission is granted to reproduce the photographs, images that LILY FLEUR has exclusively displayed ONLY with the sign of the creator, using the hashtag #lilyfleur, #lilyfleurcorfu.


Fresh Flowers – Foliage

Flowers are seasonal and prices are based on their season and their peak period.

Flowers are being bought daily from our best Greek and foreign suppliers. The season and the demand (peak period) defines their availability and price, for this reason there might be a situation in which some varieties are not available and their price differs significantly from the product you have selected.

In any case we will choose to use a flower or foliage of the same price you have selected in your order. Some varieties of foliage have the same or greater value than a flower branch.

The bouquets of fresh flowers shown in the images are handmade and designed as a general guide for the style and price to help you choose. In reality, because the flowers are fresh, we will create a new composition with your character and our art.

If you have not found something fitting your needs, we can suggest the flowers suitable for your budget and your requirements. Call us at +30 2661048300.

Care Instructions For Fresh Flowers

Before placing the flower branches in water, cut 2-3 cm off the bottom of the branches and place them in plenty of water. Repeat the same process every other day to keep your flowers longer.

Avoid heat and direct sunlight.

Size Of A Product

Select a product size: Small, Medium, Large.

The photo depicts a medium size product, wherever there is a choice of product size.


Your flowers will be uniquely packaged in ecological craft packaging with our company logo or in natural burlap, and will be tied with 100% natural raffia grass. We love nature, we are environmentally friendly.

Order Policy


For same day delivery, you must place the order before 2:00pm, Monday to Saturday.

For orders placed after 2:00pm, we cannot guarantee the order will be delivered the same day.

During major holidays, deliveries will be made in order of priority.

Products must be available before the day of delivery.

Orders with erroneous delivery details, lead to deliveries being delayed.

If unforeseen circumstances prevent us from delivering your order, such as weather, traffic or any such circumstance, then the product is returned to our location, we then inform you and will deliver your order as soon as all the obstacles are overcome.

We will deliver your order after making arrangements with the recipient to be at the specified address. If the recipient does not allow us to deliver, then the product is returned to our location and you will be charged for any additional delivery.

If you wish us to deliver your order without prior communication with the recipient and, during delivery, no one is at the specified address to accept your order, or the specified address is incorrect, then the products are returned to our location and you will be charged for any additional delivery attempts.

Store Pickup

Orders that are picked up from our store have no extra delivery charge.

Choose the products you are interested in, select a date and select store pickup to conclude your order.

You will receive an email informing you that we have received your order and are preparing it.

If any products are not available, we will notify you by phone before you coming to our store so as to inform you what is available based on the style, color and size of the product you chose, and, if you agree, to prepare the new available product for pickup from our store.

You can pickup your order from our store, at 65 Gylford st., Dimarxeiou square, Corfu, Greece. The store is open Monday through Friday, from 9:00am till 8:00pm.

Refund Policy

Return Policy Of Flowers & Plants

Fresh flowers and plants are alive, therefore attention is needed in caring for them to last longer.

If you are uncertain of how to properly care for the flowers and plants, review the care instructions or call us and we will help you with any questions you may have. Please check your flowers upon delivery. They are alive and fragile and it is normal to have occasional spots. You must notify us within one hour of receiving your order so that we can find a solution. Failure to notify us within that time period, may result in not meeting the requirements for a refund.

For clients who order online or via email or by phone and receive dead or destroyed flowers or plants, we will give a full refund. Notify us by phone on +30 2661048300.

For clients who order in person at our stores, we do not accept refunds or exchange with other plants or products once you leave our store with your purchase, due to the fragile nature of natural flowers and plants.

Return Policy Of Decorations – Preserved Plants

Lily Fleur accepts returns for all products that do not have a date, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, no later than 7 days after your purchase or delivery.

For a return of a product to be acceptable, the product must be accompanied by the original receipt and in their original packaging, otherwise return of the product is not acceptable. A refund of your purchase will be made using the same payment method as the original payment. Products on sale cannot be returned and cannot be exchanged with other products. Products must be returned in their original packaging and materials, when possible. Shipping and processing costs are non refundable. Return of a damaged product is not acceptable.

The listed prices include VAT, applicable taxes and shipping costs of your order are non-refundable.

You may cancel an order for sensitive products such as flowers and plants, before processing of the order has begun. The preparation of your order follows and if you then wish to cancel the order, you will be charged in full for this order and a refund is not possible.

If you wish to cancel an order with decoration or preserved products and the order is not ready to leave our store for delivery, then in that case we may be able to give a refund using the same payment method as in your order.

We may cancel an order at any moment, in cases where we did not receive a proof of the client’s deposit, a product is not available, a product’s listed price is false or other such cases. In any such event, your money will be refunded using the same payment method as your order.

Prices & Payment

All listed product prices include VAT.

If a listed price is false due to error, then the client is notified of the correct price before preparing the order so as the client can cancel the order if they so wish.

The prices listed could change at any moment without affecting any already confirmed order.

The prices of products do not include shipping costs. Shipping costs are added to the total of the order if the client chooses to use the delivery service. Shipping costs are calculated using the length of travel from our central store, Guilford 65, Dimarxeiou Square, Kerkyra, to the delivery address.

Payment Methods

Payment of orders placed via the website or by phone can be made using a credit or debit or prepaid card, or making a deposit to the company’s bank account.

If the client wishes to place an order by phone, we require the client’s email so as to send a payment order with the client’s full name in order for the client to make the payment without communicating any additional information. The client can also pay with a deposit to one of the company’s bank accounts. The company’s bank accounts are as follows:

IBAN: GR4570100000000661215897540

Attica Bank
IBAN: GR6801608730000000085063740

In any case, we must receive the deposit receipt by email at sales@lilyfleur.gr in order to confirm the order.