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5 Simple Steps To Organize Your Wedding Floral Decoration

Anastasia & Giannis - Corfu

Step 1

In our first contact, we will discuss in great detail your needs for the big day you’re planning. We will help you make the beat choices, from helping choose the general theme and style of your wedding, and help you keep the event within your budget.

Anastasia & Giannis - Corfu

Step 2

In our second contact, we will present you with a number of photographs and ideas for styling decorations and possible themes for your event – to help you in making smart and beautiful choices for the special day.

Vicky & Tasos - Corfu

Step 3

In the next step, having come to an agreement on your perfect floral style, we will present you with a floral composition and decide on any changes you might like to make. We will, by the way, be in constant communication with you to insure we get the work just right (for you!). To us, every detail is important!

Rob & Katia - Corfu 2017

Step 4

At your wedding day, we will provide supervision for all the floral decorations, their transportation and installation – and every other detail of your event – with absolute diligence.

Leonie & Nicos 2019

Step 5

Until the last minute of your wedding reception we will be at your side to offer any support you might need. The success of your wedding, is what drives us. We care about your day, your wedding, the planning, the execution, and the perfect delivery of your hopes and dreams! Contact us now, as the best events are planned carefully and with great attention to detail.